Tuition And Fees

If you are thinking about enrolling in one of our programs here at the Institute of Ultrasound Diagnostics, then you’ll want to know about our programs tuition and fee structures as well as any financial aid that might be available. The following is a breakdown of our costs. We do offer some financial aid options to those who qualify.

One-Year Program Tuition and Fees

Our program does not charge carrying fees, interest fees, service fees, application fees or out-of-state fees.

One year of courses $11,250.00
Books and materials $700.00
Technology fee $1,000.00
Lab fee $850.00
Background Check $117.00
Clinical Fee $100.00
SDMS Membership $40.00
Liability Insurance $36.50
Registry Prep Package

Online Test Proctor



Total Tuition & Fees for 12 Month Program: $14,324.50

Cross-Training Program Fees

To find out more about our Cross Training Programs and see qualifications please visit our programs page.

Three-Week Program

Three Week AB, Physics, OB/GYN $4,000.00
Materials $500.00

Three-Month Program

Tuition $6,450.00
Books $550.00
Technology Fee $500.00

Prerequisite Courses*

Anatomy & Physiology prerequisite course $600.00*
Medical Terminology prerequisite course $500.00*
Physics Fundamentals $500.00*
Medical Law & Ethics prerequisite course $500.00
Introduction to Patient Care prerequisite course $500.00

* Includes book

To request more information about our programs, schedule an interview, or request information, contact the Institute of Ultrasound Diagnostics today!