Local vs Distance Learning

The Institute of Ultrasound Diagnostics is excited to offer a blended distance learning program with the majority of the program available via distance learning.  All students in the One-Year Program are required to attend our mandatory three-week Sonography Boot Camp.

After Bootcamp, didactic classes will be on Mondays and Fridays. Class days will include lectures (live and recorded), quizzes, modules, and proctored tests. These items are delivered via our online course management system. Clinical rotations will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8:00am – 4:30 pm.

Though the One-Year General Sonography Program is a blended program, due to the clinical requirements for the program, we still differentiate between Local and Distance students for clinical purposes.

Local Students

The main difference between a “Local” and “Distance” student is where students performs their clinical rotations. For this reason, we define “Local” students as those students that reside within the IUD Local clinical area. This area extends from Foley, AL to Atmore, AL over to Lucedale, MS and all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. If a student resides within that geographical area they will be required to rotate through approved sites for the duration of the program.

Clinical rotations are typically scheduled for 8 – 12 weeks at a time, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week.

NOTE: Due to the geographic area of our “Local” sites, local students may be required to drive up to 90 miles therefore it is required that students have reliable transportation for the duration of the program.

Distance Students

For Distance students, clinical sites must be approved by the school before the student is accepted into the program. Clinical sites must have an adequate volume and mix of studies and employ staff registered in appropriate disciplines (Abdomen and/or OB/GYN). Students are required to make initial contact with a Hospital or clinic in their area to gauge interest by the clinical site for allowing the student to rotate.

Clinical site(s) must be approved by IUD prior to an applicant being accepted into the program.

For more information about how to approach a clinical site contact Micah Gill at mgill@iudmed.com.

The One-Year General Sonography Program requires good time management skills and strong self-discipline. Our distance and resident students are monitored closely and receive the same education. References from past and present students will be provided upon request. If you are interested in the distance option, please contact IUD to start the approval process.