Three-Week Cross-Training Course

Cross Training Ultrasound Courses | IUD

The three-week program is designed for those who are cross-training on the job. Attendees must be sponsored by their employer. This course offers an introduction to the normal anatomy of the abdomen, female pelvis and first – third-trimester fetus as well as sonography physics and instrumentation. Attendees will learn to recognize and scan normal anatomy, only.

Basic Scanning Skills

The attendee should be able to return home with basic skills on which to build making instruction easier for the employer’s supervising sonographer(s). It is recommended that clinical supervision continues for a minimum of 12 months upon returning home.

The three-week curriculum is designed for the individual with an allied health background such as nursing or radiological technology.  It is a popular course for those “cross-training” in diagnostic ultrasound.  The three-week student will receive didactics in Physics/Instrumentation, Abdominal, and OB/GYN sonography.  “Hands on” scan labs and didactics will be limited to normal anatomy and multiple scan labs will be available each week.  Labs for OB scanning will be available upon request for an additional fee.

All scan labs are one-on-one with direct instructor supervision.

This course serves as a basic introduction to diagnostic ultrasound and it is recommended that three-week graduates receive direct clinical supervision for an additional 12 months. CME certificates for each week and a certificate for the Three Week course will be awarded upon completion.

(Courses begin quarterly – January, April, July, and October)


  1. Document completion of a formal 2-year allied health education such as radiological technology or nursing.


  1. Document previous experience in diagnostic ultrasound


  1. Verification of employment by sponsoring institution.

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