The Institute of Ultrasound Diagnostics Pre-requisite Class Terms and Conditions

Please read the ALL of the following information carefully regarding the pre-requisite classes offered by the institute of ultrasound diagnostics (IUD). It is recommended that you print and keep a copy of these terms and conditions for your records.

Pre-requisite classes required by IUD for the 1 year general sonography program may be taken at any accredited college or university. IUD will only accept a “C” letter grade or higher for transferring credits. However, if you make a “C” or lower in any pre req class it is recommend you retake that class. If you are unsure if a course at another school will meet our requirements, you may send a full course description to Micah Gill for approval.

Applicants may only take each course with IUD once. If an applicant fails a prerequisite class taken with IUD, they will not be allowed to repeat that course with IUD.

If the course is not offered by your current school, it may be taken with IUD, only after completion of college level algebra (or a high math class) and one communications course (ex. Public Speaking, Speech, English Composition, etc.) and have at least a 2.5 overall GPA.

IUD pre-requisite class are only intended to meet the requirements of the IUD 1 year program. They are not intended for use at other schools and will not transfer. No transcripts are given or provided for IUD prerequisite classes.

Taking pre requisite course with IUD does not guarantee acceptance into the one year program. All requirements must be met and a clinical site secured before any applicant is accepted.

Courses have an instructor but are set up like a guided self-study. Self-discipline and self-motivation are required for successful completion.

Deadline for signing up and payment for IUD prerequisite is 10 days before the start of classes.

Students will need a proper laptop or desk top computer in order to participate in IUD prerequisite courses. Netbooks, phones, or other tablets are not considered proper computers. Use of macs is discouraged due to potential compatibility issues. If you choose to use a mac computer and have issues accessing or viewing course content it is your responsibility to correct the issue. That may mean visiting local computer expert or switching to use of a pc.

Refund policy for pre-requisite classes

All refunds for payments made by credit card are subject to a $30.00 refund processing fee.

100% refund (excluding book/course code fees, and credit card refund processing fee (if applicable) will be made if cancellation is made on or before the first day of classes.

50% refund on all pre-req classes (excluding book and credit card refund processing fee) will be made for any withdrawals made within the first 2 weeks of the classes. No refund will be given after the first 2 weeks of the class have occurred. Any refunds due will be paid within 30 days from notice of withdrawal.